Webparex is one of the pioneer players in the international courier services who believe to “make a different” in the industry, reason we are the most technology and web driven company to give the ultimate facilities to the end customer. Motto of the organization is | You are happy – We are happy

  • Enterprise E-commerce Solution

    Webparex Affiliate Program

    Webparex Affiliate is about earning money by salling products through your chanel and get atractive commission on sale.

  • Enterprise E-commerce Solution
    Enterprise E-commerce Solution

    At onjection We will create a web portal/ web presence for you to list your products for online sale.

  • Automated Shipping Solution
    Automated Shipping Solution

    Webparex shipping services is India’s best logistics software, which offers you automated shipping solution.

  • Order Processing Platform
    Order Processing Platform

    Ezyslips will provide you the end to end Order Processing Platforms. Ezyslips empower you to ship 100 packets in less than 5 minutes.

  • Order Tracking
    Order Tracking

    Shipway will help you in Order Tracking, Notifications & Reviews Services. It also provides you the shipments business reports.

  • SMS Notifications
    SMS Notifications

    Telehooks provide you the auto SMS notifications for your customers while order's life.

  • Notify Customers
    Notify Customers

    Here we will provide you the SMS notifications if you have shopify store.